About us

The story of JONDO is an embodiment of two valuable life lessons: the power of collaboration and the collective wisdom of two minds. This unique venture emerged from the convergence of Michael De Jongh's sharp sports acumen and Pieter Naude's unwavering dedication to optometry and vision enhancement.

Together, they identified golf as a sport that could significantly benefit from a high-contrast lens effect. This insight led to the development of JONDO, a revolutionary product that garnered an industry-wide innovation award in 2018.

JONDO is not merely another pair of sunglasses propped up by a hefty marketing budget. Its success lies in its effectiveness, a testament to the ingenuity behind its design. The product's popularity has soared, garnering accolades from both top PGA professionals and weekend enthusiasts alike.

From the moment you start to wear JONDO, you'll experience the transformative power of high-contrast lenses. These lenses not only reduce glare and enhance depth perception but also offer a soothing sensation for your eyes. The effect is almost addictive, transforming even the most ordinary surroundings into a visual feast.

Each JONDO frame is meticulously crafted to accommodate these exceptional lenses. As a result, mass production is impossible, ensuring that JONDO remains an exclusive product, far from the ubiquitous sunglasses found at every corner.

The frames themselves are designed to be both lightweight and durable, prioritizing comfort for extended wear. Since its market debut in 2020, JONDO has garnered an overwhelmingly positive reception. The only thing we can say for certain is that your game will be AMPLIFIED with JONDO.


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